• The customer shall communicate to HOCL, the details of their authorized transporter(s). Transporter shall be experienced and shall be aware of the hazards of the applicable productstatutory aspects of transportation of hazardous goods.

  • The transporter shall, before lifting the first consignment, produce at HOCL, a copy of public liability insurance of insured value not less than Rs 50 lakhs (for single accident) taken as per Public Liability Act 1991. This is to cover any public liability expenses in the event of an accident on the road. (Public liability insurance must not be confused with Vehicle insurance as per Central Motor Vehicles Act or product insurance). Public liability insurance of the transporter shall be renewed before the expiry date for continuous lifting consignments from HOCL.

  • The transporter shall produce original documents of the road tanker – Mechanical Fitness certificate (Form 38) (for lifting any product), Explosive license in Form IX (for lifting Acetone) and Pollution under control certificate.

  • Without valid permits/ documents, vehicle will not be loaded at HOCL. Before lifting each consignment, the validity of the documents of the applicable vehicle will be verified by HOCL. Tanker should have the documents/ permits valid for a minimum of 7 days as on the date of loading. This is to ensure in the interest of the customer, the validity of documents/ permits till the tanker reaches destination.

  • The transporter shall place clean and fit tanker for loading the applicable product. Any contamination inside the tanker may affect the quality of product adversely. Incase inspection by HOCL reveals that the tanker is not clean, it will be rejected by HOCL in the interest of the customer. Transporter can place the tanker after water/ steam servicing and making it clean.

  • Tanker shall be well maintained. It will be subjected to physical inspection by HOCL before being weighed at HOCL weighbridge. The Vehicle will be rejected if it is in a badly maintained condition or damaged, making it unsafe for loading the products.

  • Tanker shall have fool-proof facility for pilfer proof sealing after loading the product or else it will be rejected by HOCL in the interest of the customer.

  • Tanker shall have Emergency Information Panel for the applicable product displayed on its two sides and rear side. Without this, the tanker will be rejected.

  • HOCL shall ensure before sending the tanker for loading that it is empty and fit for loading. Driver shall be licensed to drive tankers carrying hazardous goods. They must have undergone the statutory training on hazardous goods transportation from an approved institution. Transporter to ensure that only such drivers are engaged to drive tanker upto destination.

  • The tanker will be weighed at HOCL weighbridge before and after loading and HOCL’s weighbridge readings shall be final. HOCL shall ensure in the interest of the customer that the transport vehicle is not overloaded. After loading, tanker shall be sealed with one time use seal. Seals will have HOCL emblem.

  • Tanker will be dispatched to customer with the following documents :- Invoice, Certificate of analysis of product issued by HOCL Quality Control department, Product sample in sealed bottle, Transport emergency card (TREMCARD). The serial number and colour of the onetime use seal used to seal the valves and compartment lids of the tanker will be shown in the Invoice. Customer shall ensure that the seals at the valves and compartment lids of the tanker are intact when the consignment is received at destination.


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